Monday 29 August 2011

Coniston and not a thrush in sight.

How was your bank holiday? one of the best things about being away on vacation is that it takes the urgency out of life. After a leisurely breakfast and a very lazy morning reading and watching the World Athletics Championships I finally persuaded my family we should make an effort to go out.

After an afternoon out and about, I noticed that the grey sky was clearing to the west of us and suggested a swim in Coniston. Now this suggestion was not enthusiastically received by my family although I finally succeeded by persuading Bob that we could go past the Drunken Duck and book dinner there tomorrow night!

We drove over to Waterhead at the northern end of Coniston
(a spot selected by me after significant study of an ordnance survey map, finally a use for my A level geography.)

Bob and teenage triathlete went off for a run and I set off for a swim down the lake. It was about 6.30pm and the lake was pretty deserted. The temperature was fine and the water was clear, although I found the wavy weeds a bit unsettling. (I know I'm a complete wuss) not to mention the killer flock of ducks and swans.

It was a great swim though; completely peaceful and calm, the only sound being the gentle splash and lapping sounds as my limbs broke the surface, and I was able to watch the low grey rain clouds come down off the nearby hills and across the lake. Stunning.


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