Glossary Page

To try and add meaning to and assist in comprehending my random ramblings I thought it might be helpful to add a glossary. (please note this is a work in progress)

1. What this is all about see my introductory post as to the aims and motivation behind this blog.

2. Toosmartwatch: this is a Polar FT 80 Heart Rate Monitor. It records my heart rate during a session and then downloads the results to the Polar website. It tells me what sort of session I've put in if it's just my "fitness improving" or if my "maximal perf and fitness is improving". It will analyse my effort and tell me whether or not I should train the following day (not that I really need my watch to tell me I'm knackered)

2.1 Son of Toosmartwatch: Christmas present a Polar RCX 5 to replace the FT 80 RIP (Oct 2011) does all the above and some, not quite as curt and to the point when analysing my efforts as Toosmartwatch.

3. Slog: my swim log which is introduced here thanks to Trondi for providing me with this way too complex piece of software to track my success or lack thereof.

4. Fairy Snow Baby: David Chaney long time team mate, we've swum together for something approaching 35 years. He is also the brains behind the British Swimming Decathlon and the current British Records and Rankings Administrator.

5. Synchro Dad: Trevor Kelly, would be triathlete currently sporting fantastic cycling tan lines. Also dad to synchro swimmer.

6. Matt the Cash: Matthew Grant, masters section treasurer likes to train on anything but freestyle.

7. Teenage Daughter: does what it says on the tin really, although from the 15th August 2011 she announced that I needed to refer to her as "Teenage Triathlete".

8. Teenage Triathlete: see 7 above but formerly Teenage Daughter

9. Hard Swimmer Soft Dad: otherwise known as Colin Ovington, very tidy distance swimmer, had a short hiatus from his swimming career but has started back sort of. Still has the distinction of holding the furthest distance any one has ever swum in the T 30 with his record of 2580 metres. His facebook posts are invariably about his kids hence the second part of his nick name.

10. Proudie: Ian Proud, hard swimmer, dad of Steph and David ex police inspector and complete swimming anorak like me flits between Consett and Gateshead sessions, although Consett is his home club. Does have an affiliation to Chester Le Street

11. The Consett Posse: the above are all Gateshead folks I thought I should start mentioning the crew at Consett who include Graham Walton (Sparkie) Ian Clarke (Clarkie) you will appreciate that this is a work in progress and other's will be added given time, inclination and something derogatory to say about them.

12. The Karate Kids Sumo and Judo, aka Graham Pearson and Judy Hattle; thanks for enduring my hyper ramblings

13. Meritorious Jen: Jenny Merritt of Spondon who had the unfortunate experience of being my room mate in Riccione.

14. Batman and Robyn: Steve Allen and Robyn (his wife)