Saturday 25 June 2011

A Random Bum Slapper and What am I doing here?

The leisurely pace of training continued this morning with none of us having any ideas of what we wanted to do and being more interested in swapping Great North Swim adventures as all of the Beckleberries had completed the swim and had met up with the Park Ranger at the finish.

As they stood there some woman came up to them, slapped the Park Ranger on the butt, commenting "nice ass" as she walked on.

The assembled Gateshead swimmers were astonished by this and the Park Ranger turned bright red with embarrassment. They were all left a bit bemused to realise that she was a complete stranger, a very strange stranger if you ask me. Anyway I think from now on the Park Ranger might be known as Kelly Cute Butt.

So no one brought their game head to swimming this morning and I was having trouble remembering what I was meant to be swimming, messing up the warm up and stopping after 50 during the 100's. We paddled through a steady 3300 metres without really breaking sweat. Probably the shortest Saturday morning we've done.

800 warm up change stroke each 25
16 x 50's @ 65 drills
4 x single arm
4 x chicken wing
4 x catch up
4 x swim
8 x 100 @ 1.50 steady
16 x 50's prog 1-4, 5-8, etc
2 x 50's @ 1.15 flat out
100 swim down
3400 metres

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