Saturday 18 June 2011

Road Trip Day 1 Beirut?

I'm in the first stages of a 6 day road trip and after a pretty hectic Thursday I finally managed to pack (most of ) the gear I needed to survive away from home during my solo adventure.

I cleverly forgot my camera so that photos on this blog will be reduced to camera phone photos and my toilet bag so it may not be too clever to stand too close to me over the coming weekend.

I did once manage a whole weekend at Crystal Palace without a hairbrush but I'm not sure it's too pleasant without a toothbrush. 

First stop today Leeds for the British Masters Championships, taking place at the John Charles Sports Centre. A new venue for this event and a pretty decent pool even if its environs leave a little to be desired and are reminiscent of a Beirut street scene. 

I arrived just as the warm up finished and after grabbing a quick lunch warmed up in the diving pit. First up 1500 free and a reasonably controlled swim which I quite enjoyed (at least when it stopped). Now here's the thing, if you'd told me yesterday I was going to swim 22.02 I would have taken that and been quite satisfied. But...having swum 22.02 I was left cursing and spitting feathers that I hadn't gone 2.5 seconds quicker 21.59 has such a better ring to it doesn't it. 

We'll not mention the disastrous 200 breast, in this evening's session when I truly thought my legs were going to fall off. But here's my 1500 splits. 

More from Leeds tomorrow

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