Sunday 19 June 2011

Road Trip Day 2...and a nasty case of swimmer's bum.

Day 2 at the British Masters Championships in Leeds and my mad schedule continued, I can say swimming back to back 200's is not clever and hurts (lots) particularly when the second one is an IM at the end of 2.5k of racing over the last 36 hours.

There wasn't a centimetre of that race which didn't hurt compounded by the weird sensation at the end of the 50 fly leg that I was actually swimming backwards or that someone was moving the wall away from me.

It's been a great swim meet, and fun to catch up with everyone. Especially the original Essex girl (Lesley Cook) who kept me entertained when we escaped to a Costa for lunch and decided that we could be a new generation of "Angry Birds" (perhaps Grumpy Birds would be more accurate)

I also managed to buy a toothbrush, doesn't life feel better when you have clean teeth? Readers of a more sensitive and sophisticated disposition should stop reading now, as my final thought for the day is that I know I've been to a serious swim meet because of the onset of swimmer's bum. An affliction usually attributable to rough loo paper and the old "flight fight or s***e syndrome" kicking in. Perhaps that's too much information for one blog... bed's calling and I've an early start with the Fairy Snow Baby for Stage 2 of my road trip tomorrow....

Windermere and the Great North Swim...

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