Saturday 11 June 2011

Sexiest Woman in Consett ?

Consett on its sunny day
It's been a funny old week; take Thursday, it's lunchtime and there I am wandering along Middle St to buy my lunch. There were a couple of old codgers (actually they probably weren't that old) sitting on a bench watching the world go by.

As I approached, one of them looked up and shouted at the top of his voice "Wey it's Miss Dobbie, the sexiest woman in Consett!". I quickly recovered from the shock of being heckled in public to advise him he was "a very sad man" and then wandered off (with a big grin on my face and thinking my not so secret admirer had obviously been reading this blog and seen the pictures of me in the black rubber suit.)

Now for anyone who knows me personally they will realise that sexy is not an adjective which readily springs to mind to describe me, but my work colleagues (and a few shoppers passing by) did find the whole incident hilarious.

So on to Saturday morning training and there were a bunch of Beckleberry's turned up for the session, the regulars Daddy Beckleberry, and the two Beckleberry boys were there and this time they were joined by Beckleberry girl. (In an effort to enhance their Great North Swim Training for next week).

One advantage of having the Beckleberry bunch as club members is that when we hold our Masters meet we are able to offer the technical officials the best cakes during the lunch break. (They do a raspberry and almond flan that is simply to die for.)

Daddy Beckleberry &
Beckleberry boy
(one of them)
There was no Fairy Snow Baby today so the session was a hybrid Binge/Matt the Cash collaboration. I only planned the warm up to be 12 x 50's but I was thinking 600 metres that's 24 lengths, and accidentally said 24 x 50's. So we "accidentally"did 1200m warm up.

The sprint set was pretty hard and I'm not sure what Synchro Dad had eaten for breakfast but he kept suggesting that we did more, he didn't think 4 x 50's or 8 x 25's was very far! At that speed (well ok at that effort) it was the equivalent of a bloody marathon.

I thought the 75's swimming easily and working on turns would be a good swim down, wrong! My original suggestion was 8 x 75's but the too much testosterone for breakfast boys in the fast lane thought 12 would be better!

I was knackered by the end and profoundly disappointed when I thought we'd finished and discovered there were two more...cue expletives

24 x 50's @ 55 alternate swim 50 drill 50
12 x 100's 100 free@ 1.40. 100 back @ 2 mins, 100 IM @ 2 mins
4 x 50's @ 1.30 sprint alternate free no 1
8 x 25 @ 60's sprint alternate free no 1
12 x 75's steady working on turns, hard in hard out, fly kick 2 strokes underwater before 1st breath
300 swim down
4000m total

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