Tuesday 21 June 2011

Road Trip Day 4 ...Shattered illusions.Sex Goddess to hermaphrodite in 10 days?

So despite the rigours of the weekend I bound out of bed at 7.15 this morning. After collecting my gear I saunter up to the aquatic centre to start my day with a gentle recovery swim; before having to deal with the realities of mediation training and the ignominy of having your homework marked and returned to you. It's a long time ago since someone's marked a piece of my work.

Anyway I turn up at the Aquatic Centre and join the queue to get in, I get a little agitated (well ok annoyed) by the fact that the person in the queue in front of me is discussing buying a life long membership and wants to know the ins and outs of the special offers and the introductory pricing structure. When all I want to do is throw my three quid and 10p at the receptionist and go and change.

You may recall that I was more than a little secretly smug at collecting the epithet "sexiest woman in Consett" about two weeks ago, but my ego was about to take a severe bashing. The girl causing the delay is clearly empathic to the mounting resentment coming from behind her and she is acutely aware that the receptionist is taking an excruciatingly long period of time to explain her options. So she helpfully asks acknowledging me "could you serve this gentleman first!"... Damn from sex goddess to hermaphrodite in 10 days......

I am pleased to report that when she eventually realised her error she apologised profusely, although it didn't make me feel any better. The swim was a gentle stretch to recover from the stress of the weekend's effort a steady 2.5k barely moving out of first gear as you can see from the toosmartwatch print out.

1200 warm up
3 x 400 @ 7.10s
200 swim down
2,600 Total

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