Tuesday 7 June 2011

21 Swimmers and not a single swimming brain amongst us?

21 swimmers turned up for swimming tonight and there wasn't a swimming brain amongst us. Pathetic really we couldn't make our minds up what we wanted to do and ended up with a pretty bitty session.

With each of us chipping in with suggestions, we probably should be on a really serious quality programme with a view to the British Championships in less than two weeks time, but no one was really up for that. I came up with the unimaginative 100's pull to get us going and then there was consensus between Matt the Cash, the Fairy Snow Baby and me that we should do IM's. FSB suggested the somewhat complex 2nd set, which was actually 4 x 400 IM's although it didn't feel like it.

I struggled a bit with the final set and completely lost the plot so I added an extra 100 m swim down just to make sure I covered 4.5k this evening.

300 warm up change stroke each 25
10 x 100 pull @ 1.40
4 sets alternate drill swim as
25 fly  @ 30s
50 back fly  @ 60s
75 back, fly, brst  @ 90s
100 fly, back, brst, free  @ 2.00
75, back, brst, free @ 90s
50 brst, free @ 60s
25 free @ 30s
30s RI between sets
18 x 25s kick @ 45s
1 easy, 1 medium, 1 hard
20 x 50's in 5 sets on descending time  @ 60s, 55s, 50 & 45s
300 swim down
4650  metres

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