Sunday 3 July 2011

A comparatively swim and blog free week

So there I was nicely on track to beat my monthly target for June.. and it all went horribly wrong.

My swim free week started last Sunday, when I turned up for a swim at Consett to discover they'd all gone for a BBQ and forgotten to tell me! (fuelling my creeping paranoia).

Monday should have been the increasingly regular "Flog in the Tyne" but a conspiracy between a late finishing conference (God can't barristers rabbit on?) and trying to produce and surrender my driving licence to the local nick (much to the local constabulary's amusement I can say) put paid to that. Tuesday I ended up baby sitting teenage daughter, and Saturday the pool was in use for a swim meet.

My sole swim for this week then (breaking my secondary goal of 2 swims per week for the second time this year) was at Consett this afternoon. Wasn't it a glorious day I nearly dipped out to spend the afternoon in the garden but subjected myself to the set below.

I know that I worked hard because my toosmartwatch told me at the end of the final 100 that my pulse rate was 165bpm and the average for the session was 132 bpm. But the not toosmartowner of the toosmartwatch has temporarily misplaced the bit of kit which downloads the sessions. (see what happens when you tidy things away?) 

Hopefully normal service will resume soon.

warm up 600 metres*
4 x 100 @ 1.45s steady
4 x 100, 3 @ 1.45 steady 1 @ 2.15 hard
4 x 100, 2 @ 1.45 steady 2 @ 2.15 hard
4 x 100, 1 @ 1.45 steady 3 @ 2.15 hard
4 x 100, @ 2.15 hard
200 swim down
2800 metres

* I think I missed 2 lengths out here so
my swim down was actually 266m!

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