Saturday 23 July 2011

"Ugly Ass Shoes"

Not Bruno Magli Shoes
Well if you thought that the Death Eater photo from last Saturday's blog was particularly attractive; my other half turned up for swimming in the most fetching footwear ever.

I hadn't noticed them as I fell out of bed at 7.32am and into the car a mere 90 seconds later; but as I stood waiting to go in and he walked towards us I couldn't help but laugh, (guffaw actually).

Bob's obviously trying to edge out the British Gas Flip Flop. as the footwear to be seen in this summer. Whilst this may raise questions about my family's sense of fashion, you know pudding basin haircut, weird shoes etc, the excuse for wearing them (he studiously avoided answering my question as to how much they cost!) was that he had bought them for a student project! (but Bob you're 51 years old and you haven't been a student for quarter of a century!) and they help him run properly as they mimic running barefoot improving his gait.

Mickey take over we settled down to a fairly hard session.  The 8 x 50's drill were meant to be progressive in time and stroke rate and swum as follows No 1 catch up with 4 kicks before you start the arm pull, No 2  regular catch up (pull as other arm enters water) No 3 cheater's catch up start pull when other arm is half way through it's pull phase (Daddy Beckleberry confessed that he always swam catch up like this hence the name) and finally no 4 full stroke.

18 x 75@ 90s alternating 2 x 75's as 25 free, 25 back, 25 brst, 2 x 75's as 50 catch up 25 swim*
8 x 50's @ 70 progressive catch up drill
8 x 125's @ 2.40 50 pull, 25 kick 50 swim**
12 x 50's medley changeover @ 65s
250 swim down

* this should've been 16 but we ended up in a dispute as to how many we'd done "de ja vu"
** I've explained this before the mind set is 50 pull go hard, your legs have rested so hard 25, your arms have had a bit of a breather so really hard final 50 swim. It is one of my favourite sets.

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