Saturday 13 September 2014

(Yet Another) Road Trip Day 14 Home time

Sadly last day today, we have a fairly late flight out of Arrecife which should put us in Newcastle at 2am tomorrow morning, but that does give us a full day so after packing I sauntered down to the pool for about 9:55. Impeccable timing as my lane mate from yesterday was just about to dive in. (Clearly she has the same sense of time and urgency that I do.)

She gamely slotted in behind me and we worked our way through the full session. It was great having company, as I seriously doubt that I would've finished the session on my own.

We had a great chat after the session, turns out she (Anne-Marie Hutchinson) is a triathlete and physiotherapist and planning a mountain bike trip to South America! As you do.

Anyway we worked our way through a tidy 4200 metres to bring my Lanzarote work outs to a close with Anne-Marie demonstrating epic drafting skills! (hmm typical triathlete)

AM Session
300 f/c @ 20 s RI 75 swim, 25 kick
3 x 100 IM Order @ 20 s RI (25 dril, 25 swim, 25 kick 25 swim)
6 x 50 f/c @ 10s RI (25 hard 25 easy(
6 x 50's @ 20 s RI breathing, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5
8 x 150 f/c  @ 3mins
200 brst 50 drill, 50 kick
8 x 100 f/c @ 2:10
200 back 50 drill 50 kick
8 x 50 f/c @ 80
200 f/c 50 drill, 50 kick
Session Total 4,200 metres
Holiday Total 66,250 metres

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