Sunday 28 September 2014

Binge to the Rescue

So there I was in the middle of my Sunday morning housework routine when I received a telephone call from Bob. He had a technical problem on his bike and could I go and rescue him?

So I set off for the wilds of deepest darkest Northumberland secretly pleased to swap the tedium of chores for the raw, wild beauty of the North Pennines.

Unfortunately mission accomplished and we were home in time for me to make the Sunday session at Consett.

Where I discovered that in a rather fiendish move EMSC 1.0 had abandoned Sunday 100's but obviously keen to live up to his evil mutant title was intent on inflicting twice the pain with a set of Sunday 200's. All of them nicely under 90 seconds per hundred pace.

I'm ashamed to admit that I got out after the main session and decided I would miss the VO2 max set which was planned (a bleep test over widths) with hindsight probably a good move.

166 f/c 20 s RI
2 x 66 f/c pull @ 20s RI
4 x 33 brst kick @ 20 s RI
166 f/c
4 x 200 f/c @ 3:30 (2:56, 2:56, 2;58, 2:56)
133 o/c easy recovery not f/c
3 x 200 f/c broken @ 100 for 15s @ 3:30 (2:55, 2:55, 2:55)
133 o/c easy recovery not f/c
2 x 200 f/c broken @ 66 for 10s @ 3:30 (2:53, 2:53)
133 o/c easy recovery not f/c
1 x 200 f/c broken @ 33 for 5s (2:45)
266 swim down
3100 metres

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