Sunday 20 March 2011

Do Something Funny that Costs Money

What a week I've had, starts off with a horrible two day case from hell  in Newcastle County Court on Monday, lose wallet in multi storey car park on the Quayside, programme the wrong car registration number into my phone so that I park the "wrong" car, inevitably receive a ticket!

Wallet fortunately returned to me by kind stranger, Monday night barely sleep, working on maybe not so clever or persuasive submissions to Judge. Tuesday park car, with right registration number this time, lose wallet (again) (I know I couldn't make this up), win all the evidential points at the hearing but lose the case!

Call in at the local Ford dealers on the way back to the office because the now correctly parked car is making a funny noise and I decide I can no longer ignore the battery warning light which has been flashing at me for the last four weeks. Spend 75 minutes, watching day time TV and  reading "Chat magazine" and "What Car" special, which is curiously only about the new improved Mondeo, waiting for a mechanic to tell me "wheelbearing and corroded battery leads", book car in for work to be done on Friday. Thursday realise that there are no kind strangers around to return my wallet this time, so spend unproductive 97 minutes cancelling all of my credit and debit cards.

Friday drop car off at garage take a taxi to work, on the way back realise that I do not have the technology to pay for the repairs. Walk into the office to discover that our senior partner has set himself up in our waiting room to serenade the unsuspecting clients with sea shanties complete with ukelele accompaniment (I know the credit crunch has hit us hard John but busking!) all in the name of Comic Relief.

Somehow I survive the strangest and most surreal day when I am alternately pelted by a red furry ball that cackles with laughter or entreated to buy a tombola ticket with a chance to win a variety of red "goodies", (and I use that term advisedly).

My streak of bad luck continues when instead of Malteasers I win: a bottle of red Fairy liquid, A red umbrella and a red aerosol of "Charlie" deoderant. Have a truly mad afternoon and eventually lift my head and breath a sigh of relief that this week's over at 5.24pm........

Only to realise that I've forgotten to collect my car, the garage shuts at 5.30 and it's 13 miles away.

And not a trip to the swimming pool in sight my most miserablest week since starting this blog and I've also only swum once this my plan to swim at least twice a week is now in tatters.....

There were only three of us this afternoon, Keith, Nigel and myself and having fully rested (more by accident then design) over the last week, and with an eye on Darlington Masters Meet next Sunday, I thought we'd try and pick the pace up a little with some hard efforts! as you can see from the spikes in the  print out below.

500 Pull Warm Up @ 10 mins
400 IM Drill Fly @ 8 mins
300 Pull @ 6 mins
200 Alt ba, brst *
100 broken 5 secs rest @ 33 10secs rest @ 66 No 1 stroke**
66 broken 10s rest @ 33 No 1 stroke
33 sprint
200 easy
12 x 33's @ 60s prog 1-4, 5-8, 9-12
200 swim down

*long rest psyching up for the next bit!
** swam a net time of around 1.29 ish which I was quite happy with.