Sunday 27 March 2011

Darlington Masters...not so masterful

My 2011 season kicked off at Darlington today and I was a bit disappointed with my swims, I wasn't expecting brilliant results but after all the work I've done I was hoping they would be slightly faster than last years and they weren't. Some of them were downright awful; in summary Breaststroke okayish, Freestyle bleargh, and Backstroke and IM s***e.

I'll have to wait until the results are published cos I wasn't really too switched on to what I was doing. That's one of the problems with ageing isn't it, your failing eyesight because I couldn't read the electronic scoreboard properly at the end of the event.

I am however not totally discouraged, all I've really done is slow aerobic plod stuff and there's plenty of time to work on the speed. I just need to keep my motivation going and to hold onto the thought that had I not done all of this work then I probably would have swum totally rubbish......not very positive but about the best I can come up with at the moment.

I am also back in that nether world of counting today's meet as one of my two swims for the week, I need to seriously think of a yardage challenge for April to try and keep this going, so I've got till Friday to nail my colours to the mast.

1,000 Warm Up  600 swim, 200 for turns, 4 sprints (ish) for starts*
200 free      2.37ish
50 free        33.
100 brst      1.29.6/7ish
100 free      1.13.something or other
50 back      bl**dy awful
50 breast    40.6ish
100 IM      don't even go there
1750 metres

* and dog paddle up the gap between the end lane rope and the wall cos I'm too lazy to climb out and walk back!
**  oo  (trying to be politely profane)
*** hit !

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