Sunday 12 October 2014

OMG! I should know better (the diary of a hung over swimmer)

Is this the most surreal view from a hotel window.
I'd lost count after 1 G&T, 1 Glass of Prosecco, 1 bottle of red, and 1.5 pints of lager....

The clock in the hotel bar was saying 3:23am and something was telling me it would have been a smart move to call it a day at around about 11pm, but there was clearly a bit of a disconnect going on between my brain and the rest of my body, which was having such a good time.

I did eventually accept defeat and stumbled back to my room where this surreal image confronted me. As you may imagine for a girl who doesn't get out much I was truly the worse for wear and collapsed into bed trying to work out if there was an alien abduction going on or the directors of Bolton Wanderers were trying to bolster income by running a cannabis farm.

12 hours later and back on Tyneside, (obviously the alien's were not interested in very drunk middle aged women) I dragged myself down to the pool for a session (in the water not on the drink). It was a real struggle, as you can imagine I wasn't feeling too clever. I had a mental tussle with myself  to stay in throughout the whole session...and I was feeling quite proud of myself that I did.

Not a particularly stunning performance but brownie points for tenacity.....

14 x 50's as
5 f/c @ 20 s RI
4 f/c @ 15 s RI
3 f/c @ 10s RI
2 f/c @ 5s RI
1 x 400 @ 7 mins every 4th length kayak/head up
1 x 400 @ 7 mins every 4th length fist
1 x 400 @ 7 mins every 4th length single arm drill
1 x 400 @ 7 mins every 4th length breathing very 5
1 x 400 @ 7 mins every 4th length swim
2 x 6 x 50 12.5 kick 12.5 sprint 12.5 drill 12.5 sprint
250 swim down

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