Sunday 5 October 2014

Can we fix it?

No Gateshead Masters this morning as there was a swim meet at Dunston pool so I had no alternative then to mix it with the triathletes this afternoon, who were sans coach as Bob was running a coaching course somewhere else.

I bouled (is that really a word or am I imagining it) up to the pool unusually early, parted with the six quid session fee, and we eventually wandered onto the pool side around 4:05.

I did mention last week that it is clearly ingrained in triathletes that they must fart around before a session, I suppose that's to help mentally prepare them and get them in the zone for the doing up of their wetsuits, administering body glide and sorting out their transition gear and the zillion and one other things they have to do to their kit. They've obviously never swum with an Evil Mutant Swim Coach before!

I just got on with the session and the rest of my lane got in after the 1st 100, they were only meant to do 6 so I obligingly started again. Actually it was a great session and we were all working quite well as a team.

I hung on to the lead followed by some big fit looking bloke whose name escapes me and Wendy (not her real name but wife of Bob the builder who is actually called John, or he was when he replaced part of our ceiling last month) we were also joined by Mrs Fairy Snow Baby.

Just about holding onto those sub 90 100's again, although I think we were all suffering a bit at the end of the main set and the word "sprint" for the final piece of work had to be interpreted rather loosely.

7 x 100 @ 1:50 25 hard breathing twice, 75 easy
8 x 50 @ 15s RI  25 kick/25 swim  25 drill/25 swim
400 free @ 7 mins  6:00
2 x 25 kick @ 10 sRI
350 free @ 6:15  5:15
2 x 25 kick @ 10s R
300 free @ 5:30 4:30
2 x 25 kick @ 10s R
250 free @ 4:30 3:45
2 x 25 kick @ 10s R
200 free @ 3:15 2:57
2 x 25 kick @ 10s R
150 free @ 2:30  2:15
2 x 25 kick @ 10s R
100 free @ 2:00  90
2 x 25 kick @ 10s R
50 free
2 x 6 x 25 @ 40 sprint
300 swim down
3850 metres

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