Saturday 10 September 2011

The science of marginal gain and the tsunami.

Incremental Improvements
This morning's training session was another collaborative affair with a significant discussion about whether at some point we should do some sprints.

For the first time in about 5 years we decided we would use the starting blocks. God it was hard work climbing out at the deep end! (I'm so past it). (and I did resort to climbing out the steps)

I thought the session had gone okay until the drive home when Bob said "so you're introducing the theory of marginal gain into your training".  Thinking that he was going to say something complimentary about our decision to introduce some technical work (dives) and speed work into our session I actually started to listen to him.

Why did I bother? his next comment "so you dive in and displace half a ton of water vertically where do you think the energy went?" it did however bring a smirk to my face cos it had caused a mini tsunami which he had had difficulties in negotiating!

1200 as 100 free 50 ba, 100 free 50 br
6 x 100 @ 15 s RI alt 25 swim 50 drill 25 swim, fr, ba & brst
3 x 500 swum as
200 free @ 3.30
150 ba or brst @
100 free @ 1.50
50 ba or brst @ 15 s RI
4 x 4 x 25 @ 60s in IM order even repeats dive start
300 swim down
4000 total

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