Saturday 3 September 2011

Saturday start back blues

Back home and a real struggle to get out of bed this morning, couldn't resist that extra 10 mins snooze, consequently turned up 10 minutes late and pretty unmotivated. It was strange swimming in a pool again even if I'm a bit of a wimpy open water swimmer.

My 2011 half a million metres challenge is slipping  and I need to try and recover a bit of lost ground because I know that December will be a right off so far as swimming goes. Also the ASA Nationals will be at Sheffield at the end of October need to do a bit of work for them.

Now the only good thing about today's session was that I got there.... bleagh really not up for it. I think the back to school report would be "could do better!"

Late start 100m warm up
8 x 50's @ 55
8 x 75's @ 80
8 x 50's @ 60
8 x 75's @ 90
6 x 50's kick lost interest by now*
8 x 50's @ 55
8 x 50's @ 55**
3200m total

*All of the Beckleberries had left by now, Beckleberry dad and boy to attend a Speciality and Food Fair at Olympia, watch out for their Raspberry and Amaretto Sorbet!
Beckleberry girl to rescue her husband from the 4 6year olds who were due to descend at her house at 9.30pm
** just about lost the will to live by now

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