Tuesday 10 April 2012

The Return of the Binge (well nearly)

April may have started well from the swimming perspective but the resolve very soon petered out. Easter weekend was a complete swimming wash out, with pool hell being replaced by DIY hell.

Yes I am a complete saddo and ended up in B and Q with the world and his wife on Friday. I finally got around to replacing and re grouting the tiles in the kitchen (they'd fallen off when the place was re wired in 2005!), and having progressed from the kitchen to our bedroom which hadn't been painted for a similar period of time.

To be honest there was no swimming on over the weekend so I wasn't actually proper sciving. But this evening came as a bit of a shock to the system as I've just gone 9 swim free days and I am so stiff after a weekend of DIY efforts. I need to start taking this seriously or I'll be completely demoralised by the British Championships which are less than 4 weeks away.

OK I'm up to date with the blogging now so hopefully normal service will resume....

600 warm up  drill every 4th length
200 breast @ 4.30
200 breast @ 4.30 broken at 100 for 30s
200 breast @ 4.30 broken each 50 for 15s
500 pull with paddles recovery
2 x 100 swim down
1900 metres

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