Sunday 28 July 2013

Weather halts first Flog on the Tyne

Saturday evening brought a torrential downpour on Tyneside not quite as bad as the June 2012 flooding, but serious enough to cancel the Tyne River training swim.

I was hoping that I would be able to check off about 11k in my challenge today as we were planning a swim from Newburn to the Quayside.

But the risk of the sewerage systems overflowing with the volume of water resulted in our swim being cancelled on elf and safety grounds. Gross.

Bother, turned up at Consett and "elected" to swim the aerobic set with Clarkie a 3k straight swim. Actually squeezed out 3200 metres in just under an hour which gave me my first green week since April.

It was mind numbingly boring though! but I'm quite relieved I was talked into the swim at Ellerton yesterday.

3200 straight swim
100  swim down

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