Monday 5 August 2013

Bored Beyond Belief come back EMSC 1.0: 31st July Last Session before Consett's summer break

After Sundays straight 3.2k swim you would think I would appreciate a bit of variety in Wednesday night's swim.

I dropped into the "joggers" lane and set off, followed by "Madders" probably the one triathlete on the planet that I can stay in front of (but only just!).

It felt really and truly terrible and I very quickly passed my boredom threshold and took on the persona of moaning minnie. I discovered I wasn't the only person being challenged by the session.

Madders came up with the line "this session is so boring, it could've been written by Bob!" Which made me chuckle, as whilst it's entirely untrue I had a great image of an incandescently outraged Bob who would be mortally offended at the suggestion that he could write a non-interesting session and undoubtedly found that comment almost blasphemous.

I kept going till the end so I guess that's a bit of a silver lining.

Warm up 4 x 200 200 swim, 133 pull 66 swim 133 kick 66 swim 200 swim
4 x 200 @ 3:45
3 x 133 @ 2:40
2 x 66 @ 1:35
3 x 200 @ 3:45
3 x 133 @ 2:40
2 x 66 @ 1:35
2 x 200 @ 3:45
1 x 133 @ 2:40
2 x 66
33 swim down

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