Thursday 10 January 2013

A Synchro Dad Session

I went three for three this evening making my third consecutive training session. As I strode onto the pool side the guys: Proudie, Fairy Snow Baby, Matt the Cash and Synchro Dad (identities can be ascertained here) were pratting about, chatting and trying to formulate a plan.

We have Synchro Dad to thank for this straightforward little number. After the set of 6 x 150's Synchro Dad announced the next set of 8 x 150's and I did point out that we'd just swum a set of 6 lengths but to no avail. I was reassured by the boy's lane that there was a "theme" going on.

I was joined by Mrs Fairy Snow Baby and gracefully conceded the front spot to her and "New Guy" who of course isn't new any more.

A fairly steady 2.6k which my body desperately needed after last night's exertions it did give me a chance to catch up with Marie Helene one of the ante natal swimmers and discuss the sensation of trying to tumble turn when you have an anything but streamlined bump counteracting the natural buoyancy in your bum.

400 warm up alternating 100 free, 100 back
6 x 150 @ 3.15 50 pull, 50 kick 50 swim
8 x 150 @ 3.00 50 swim, 50 IM order, 50 swim
4 x 25 @ 35s
2,600 metres

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