Sunday 6 January 2013

Evil Mutant Swim Coach 1.0 and it's Sunday so it must be 100's session.

My New Year's Resolution continued on track when I turned out at my first Consett Session of the year.

My swim wasn't without its logistical difficulties as notsosmart Binge swimmer forgot to put on Toosmartwatch and moreover I couldn't find a training cossie. I've spent the week swimming in a really old Speedo which has steadily become  baggier and more see through around the boobs and bum. (I'm conjuring up a very attractive picture here aren't I?)

My solution to this was to dig out an old Speedo Fastskin for this afternoon's swim. Turning up at the pool there was a serious sense of deja-vu as Evil Mutant Swim Coach 1.0 revealed the session on the white board. Yep it's Sunday and the main set was surprise surprise 100's (mmh didn't see that one coming).

I was however pleasantly surprised by the effect of wearing the Fastskin in the session, having struggled to cover 100's in 2:10 earlier in the week and after yesterdays near death experience, I wasn't expecting to survive the first 6 repeats, but managed to make it to 10 before I missed the turn around time. I know for a fact that this was entirely down to wearing the suit and maybe it's something to bear in mind as an anti-fatigue measure over the coming weeks.

So that's the first week over and my 2013 Slog (explanation here) is suggesting (albeit a little prematurely) that I have selected a sensible target for the year!

Warm up
4 x 133 @ 20s RI 1 & 3 fullstroke, 2 & 4 66 swim, 66 kick, & pull
12 x 100
1-3 @ 2mins
4-6 @ 1.50
7-9 @ 1.40
10-12 @ 1.30 *
4 x 66 @ 90s hard
60s RI
3 x 66 @ 90s hard
60s RI
2 x 66 @ 90s haard
60s RI
1 x 66
200 swim down
2,500 metres

*missed out 66 metres here.

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