Monday 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day Massacre...with 416,600 metres to go.

OK half way through the February Fitness Challenge and so far so good. I not only managed to swim each day but also I'm on target to complete a mini challenge of swimming 100,000 yards in the month having passed the 50k mark (by a mere 87 yards) with a swim this afternoon.

It's Valentine's day and there I was, stuck dealing with a divorce case in the world's most inappropriately named building which is the "Durham Civil and Family Justice Centre", until well after lunchtime. (trust me the only accurate word in that title is Durham as it is hardly Family friendly and there is nothing Civil nor anything like Justice dispensed there.)

To cut a long story short, my extremely unromantic day was spent watching my very own Valentine's Day Massacre unfold as we became the victims of a conspiracy between a genuinely bonkers husband, his pernickity barrister and a Judge determined to retire by the end of the month who was clearly worried that if she started the case, she would still be hearing it by Christmas.

As I drove back after a fruitless and frustrating four and a half hours, fretting about missing my swim, I suddenly thought what the heck, I'm due a lunch break anyway. Now I wouldn't normally play hookey from work but all bets are off this month, so, I made a detour via the pool.

I was aiming to do a bit of a Tesco session somewhere between 1600 & 2000, but felt pretty good and my extended swim put off the carnage back at the office. The pool was very quiet, and although I'm not normally a fan of 800's they felt really good and I thought I'd stay in and put my monthly yardage target back in the black. Is this a comeback..... 

800 warm up
2 x 800 pull @ 14mins
6 x 100 66 drill 33 swim @ 1.55
4 x 100 @ 2 mins 33 ba, 33 brst, 33 free
200 swim down

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