Sunday 27 February 2011

Binge Swimmer does it twice in one day (and sleeps with the coach)

Now for most of today I have been seriously debating whether or not I should, or indeed could  make a second session. Ultimately I'm not sure what possessed me but at 3.30pm I found myself inexplicably driving back down to Gateshead for my second dip of the day.

The work out was one of Bob's triathlon club sessions. I slotted into the top lane and any thoughts of spending the session drafting off someone's feet were dashed when I found myself leading. In the lane this time was Mrs Fairy Snow Baby, I've already commented on how incestuous North East swimming can be, obviously Mr Fairy Snow Baby was at home looking after the Fairy Snow Babies.

It was an interesting work out with something to think about every couple of hundred metres (thankfully to take my mind off the distance I have covered today).  I am not sure when the last time was that I swam so far or for so long in one day.

I was pleased with my 200 times which whilst nothing to write home about are much faster than they were in January and particularly after the work I've covered over the last month. I even managed an extra 300 metres swim down at the end to bring today's total to a rather stupid 9600 metres.

You would think that after this level of exertion I would be collapsed infront of the TV but no rest for the wicked or the wiped out, I'm out at the cinema with not only teenage daughter but almost-teenage niece. I suppose I should be honoured that I was invited out with her particularly as I went out straight from the session in hoodie and complete with straw hair!

So here's what we did:-

200 free
8 x 25 kick @ 40s
200 free
8 x 25's@ 40s drill single arm
200 free
8 x 25's @ 40s progressive *
200 free steady @ 3.45s**
4 x 25's kick @ 50s
200 @ 3.45  50 hard 150 easy 3.07
4 x 25's free with paddles @ 35s
200 free @ 3.45s  100 hard 100 easy 3.05
4 x 25's free pull with paddles @ 35s
200 free @ 3.45s  150 hard 50 easy 3.01
4 x 25's free with paddles @ 35s
200 free @ 3.45s hard 2.58
4 x 25's kick @ 50 s
200 free @ 3.45's 150 hard 50 easy 3.02
4 x 25's pull wih paddles @ 35s
200 free @ 3.45' 100 hard 100 easy 3.07
4 x 35's drill kayak @ 35s***
200 free @ 3.50
2 x 100 @ 1.55
4 x 50's @ 55
8 x 25 @ 25s
4 x 50 @ 60
2 x100 @ 2.00
200 free
300 swim down

* end of warm up
** start of main set
*** end of main set


  1. Ha ha! Bet they made you pay for the cinema!

  2. You must be Psychic swimjunkie! or you've read my tattoo "mug"