Saturday 15 June 2013

British Masters Road Trip 2013 Plymouth Day 1

It's a very long drive from deepest darkest Ebchester to England's riviera, on the South Coast (heck Plymouth is a very long drive from anywhere!) and perhaps not surprisingly very few Northerners have made the trip South (a long way South) for the British Masters Championships.

Nice new pool, shame about the meet really, as the realisation that 3 open water swims in the last 6 weeks probably wasn't going to cut it in this competition, was gradually dawning on me. I think I knew that all along but there's that point where your delusions become replaced by reality.

Well it hit me about 30 meters into the 50 free as I watched the speed merchants in my age group kick into hyperspace and I seemed to be stuck over the same set of tiles on the pool bottom for an inordinate amount of time, as my arms whirled pointlessly and my legs kicked furiously... to absolutely no effect!

Didn't bother with a warm up or swim down and 3 events to look forward to on Saturday!

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