Saturday 8 June 2013

Binge: The Ultimate Humiliation? Revenge of the Triathlete.

Bob showing his "wild side"
Now I have at times been known to be fairly scathing about the swimming ability of triathletes see here.

Not least in relation to my long suffering husband who is still smarting from the following exchange we had at the ASA National's in 1992 in Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

Bob: "how do you get down to the pool side from this side of the balcony?"

Binge: " You know where you go to collect your medals? oh you wouldn't know that would you."

Well it's taken him almost 21 years but he finally gained his revenge. At the Buttermere 5k this morning I suffered the ultimate humiliation when he finally managed to swim faster than me. I'm not sure who was more surprised me or him, he looked truly shocked as he watched me stagger from the water. (Your legs somehow stop working and go all wobbly when you are continuously horizontal for over 90 minutes).

Had I realised he had swum past me I certainly would have picked up the pace over the last kilometre or so. But respect where it's due, I did say well done (through clenched teeth)

Apart from that it was a fabulous day, as we drove over there were clear blue skies and the scenery as we wound our way through Borrowdale Valley and up Honister Pass was breathtaking. We arrived at the swim and discovered the usual crowd of Tossers including Cloughie who was swimming the 10k, new guy from our masters sessions and Teenage Triathlete's physic's teacher.

Looking down Buttermere from the start.
The swim was fabulous as well.  The  5k is basically a lap around the lake dodging into some of the little coves. The water was flat calm and crystal clear you could see the bottom to a depth of about 10-12 feet.

I navigated around the lake swimming over the top of the shelf that slopes away in to the grey/greeny bluey depths.

The views of the fells, the waterfalls and cirques were to die for and swimming around the lake looking up at that majesty gave you just a bit of a different perspective.

Coming back up the lake the sun was behind us and with your head down you could see your shadow in the depths outlined by shafts of sunlight which emanated outwards from the shadow to the surface like sparkly fibre optic cables. Simply stunning. Quite an ethereal experience.

The organisation of the event was first rate and with free hot drinks, just brilliant home made fruity flapjack and tiny exquisite gingerbread men sporting blue (5k) or orange (10k) swim caps, it really hit the spot and we headed for home with smiles on our faces, a great day out.

On the journey back I was reflecting that I had learnt two things from today, firstly if you put anti fog spray in your goggles it is advisable to wash it out before you put them on, I am currently nursing a very sore and bloodshot eye. Although I have to say it worked as I had a great view for the entirety of the swim.

Secondly I need to do some proper swim training if I'm going to swim Henley and The Tyne River (Bob reminded me of this) not to mention the fact that there's the little matter of the British Masters next weekend and I haven't been in a pool for over a month.

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