Monday 3 January 2011

Confessions of a Techno Numpty (oh and 496,800 metres to go)

Well 2 swims in 3 days, not a bad start to the year in terms of actual sessions, but a rather poor 1300m swim, giving me a cumulative total of 3,200 m for the year so far. I am pretty hopeless at swimming on my own having the attention span of a gnat.

I'll confess that in our household we are all gadget freaks and over the last two sessions I have been testing out my latest toy; a heart rate monitor. This was a Christmas present from long suffering husband. Now in a different cyber universe this might be viewed in quite a romantic light, you know a gift which records everyone of my heartbeats, but trust me that's not the case here. The watch downloads the results of the session to your personal training diary on the manufacturer's website and then produces pretty graphs of how your heart rate varies. In a very sad way I find this all fascinating and quite a good motivational tool.

All great in theory but I was just a bit disgruntled when tonight's session didn't load properly, and in actual fact I spent more time trying to get the damn thing to work than I did actually swimming the set which was:-

2 x 400 @ 8mins and 7.30 mins
200 free @ 4 mins
2 x 100 free @ 2mins
100 swim down
Total 1300 m
Cumulative Total 3,200 m

I do know that each swim was progressively faster as I ratcheted up the speed on the Endless Pool after each repeat and my heart rate progressively climbed at the end of each repeat, starting from a steady 135 at the end of the first 400 to a max of 166 at the end of the second 100. Not that any of the swims were particularly fast just that I'm really unfit and struggling.

Back to work tomorrow and my first real test a proper swimming session with my club tomorrow night.

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