Saturday 29 January 2011

Can you do it for 30 minutes?.....and get 1970 metres closer to your 2011 total.

Another green week in swim log but only 2100 metres this morning because after a degree of uncertainty and a lack of enthusiasm the Fairy Snow Baby, and I eventually decided that we really should make the effort and do the ASA's T 30 challenge. Synchro Dad joined in for a laugh, (he has a seriously deficient sense of humour and a very sad life.)

For the uninitiated this is a challenge swim that you can do in your home pool and it's pretty simple you just swim as far as you can in 30 minutes, record the distance and then have that distance certified by any sensible grown up (not that easy in our case) and send it off to the ASA. The snag is that the swim has to be completed by midnight on the 31st January. You don't need to be a member of the ASA as it's a challenge open to everyone.  So if you're thinking about it for this year you'd better be quick, see the link below.

 T 30 entry information

Anyway after a bit of a disastrous start to the day which involved in no particular order, forgetting entry forms and sweatshirt, spilling a thermos of coffee over swimsuit and towel, and a frozen car with matching frozen solid towel and cossie left in the backseat from Thursday, I eventually arrived at Heworth only 4 minutes late.

Fairy Snow Baby and Synchro Dad went first and I recorded their splits, Fairy Snow Baby swimming pretty consistent 40's per 50 and  Synchro Dad equally consistent 42's, to give them 2270 and 2170 respectively. The FSB was being too clever and watching the clock and stopped at 29 mins and 5 seconds thinking he had finished I reckon that probably cost him the extra 5 metres for 2275. I was quite chuffed with my 1970 metres that's a bit over 91 secs per hundred.

So after the first full month swim log tells me that I've swum 37,600 metres, and it is forecasting that my total for the year will be 473,242 metres. My assessment for the month is not bad and I'm currently deciding if I should do a sneaky session in the endless pool, tomorrow or Monday just to round this month off, that might just be too keen.

Alternatively I could save my energy for the February Fitness Challenge. One of my successes last year was to swim every day in February and I covered 78,250 metres... what does next month hold I wonder.



  1. Well done Verity 1970m is very impressive in 30mins

  2. Thanks EJ how's your swimming going? are you up for the Feb Fitness Challenge!