Sunday 9 September 2012

Evil Mutant Swim Coach 1.0 goes soft? (whilst Sparkie and Clarkie get tough*)

My comeback last month was just a bit short lived as it's taken me nearly a fortnight to face enduring the pain of a second session, but I couldn't avoid it today, having bumped into EMSC 1.0 in town yesterday and assured him I would be there.

I turned up (late) to be met by EMSC 1.0 collecting the fees, and he advised me that I was the only one in as the rest of the squad (proper hard swimmers in Consett!) had done a couple of miles at Ellington lake this morning.

Now I know the dynamic duo of Clarkie and Sparkie are down to do the waterfied version of the Great North Run in a couple of weeks when they swim from Newcastle to the mouth of the Tyne during the world's most popular half marathon. At a mere 10 miles it's a bit shorter than the run and probably a bit cooler. I had been following their training on Facebook and was dreading the ribbing I was going to receive for finally daring to show my face at a session.

Sparkie, Clarkie and Cloughie with AN other!
Anyway survived that ordeal, as they'd obviously opted for the Great Outdoors leaving just me, Dazz and Queenie to plough through this rather benign little set. It may have been benign for them but it was torture for me, I was struggling to complete the technique swim within the repeat time and dipped out of one of the 66's on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th repeat.

Unsurprisingly I am regretting my slothful summer.

Warm up 200 swim 133 pull 66 kick
133 swim 66 pull
266 @ 4.40 steady for technique
1 x 66 @ 80
200 @ 3.30 steady for technique
1 x 66 @ 80
133 @ 2.20 steady for technique
2 x 66 @ 80
66 @ 70 steady for technique
3 x 66 @ 80
266 swim down
100 loosen
2100 metres

* Clarkie and Sparkie het hard didn't really sound appropriate!


  1. Glad you are back Binge. I have missed your adventures. See you in Sheffield.

  2. You will Manic, but this isn't easy after 3 months out, can't seem to get my head around this.